Saiym is the World's first, safest, and most secure Asset Registration app. Photograph and evidence all your assets for your business, home, and even personal belongings. The ability to add multiple sites, assets, and photos ensure nothing is forgotten about.

May 23, 2021
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How It Works?

You’ll always be protected against the worst-case scenarios, disasters, and insurance claims.

With Saiym, now you can provide what you own in these times of crisis.

iOS Application

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Other benefits of an accurate asset register include:

  • Providing complete transparency of all asset data
  • Ensuring all assets remain compliant with regulatory standards
  • Providing an accurate audit trail
  • Helping to track and identify assets
  • Preventing assets from being lost or stolen with accurate location data
  • Allowing you to calculate depreciation
  • Estimating maintenance and repair costs.

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