Development Workflow


This is the initial phase where we are getting to know the client's idea. In this phase, we identify app type, goals and platforms that client wants to use.

Analysis and Planning

After the first step, we step into project planning. In this phase we speak about app requirements, create project documentation with detailed functional requirements<br /> Main goal is to have everything served on the table for starting with design.


Point where we start with visual design and user experience. First of all we<br /> prepare wireframes. Wireframes are key to every successful app. By doing<br /> this, we know exactly how the project will look like. Also, we prepare app<br /> fonts, color palette and make every screen to the smallest details. Once<br /> UI/UX is completed we have prepared app navigation and we are ready to<br /> move on.

App Development

App development is one of the most important steps.<br /> Before the project starts our main goal is to divide app functionalities in smaller pieces and create weekly sprints. This prevents breaking deadlines and having unorganized project.</p> <p>We start with setting up projects and start with building API.<br /> Frontend apps are connecting services and once an app is ready for testing (at least one fully functional section is completed and ready for testing) it is being sent to tester while other parts are being developed.

QA Testing

To make sure that app is stable, usable and secure we have our testing process. We test every possible scenario to make sure the app runs without any bugs.<br /> We run through UI, Functional, Performance and Device testings.

Deployment and Support

In the final phase, we are submitting our production ready apps to the App Store & Google Play, or even deploy a website.